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Non-classical nucleation pathways
in stacking-disordered crystals

Fabio Leoni, John Russo


Neural Networks for studying the pathway to nucleation

Towards glasses with permanent stability

Taiki Yanagishima, John Russo, Roel P A Dullens, Hajime Tanaka


How to make Uniform Glasses that never age

Designing Patchy Interactions to Self-Assemble Arbitrary Structures

Flavio Romano, John Russo, Lukáš Kroc, and Petr Šulc

Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 118003

A solution to the Inverse Self-Assembly problem

Connections between liquid and non-crystalline solid phases in water

Fausto Martelli, Fabio Leoni, Francesco Sciortino, John Russo

J. Chem. Phys. – 2020

Demixing pure water

A new topological descriptor for water network structure

Lee Steinberg and John Russo and Jeremy Frey

Journal of Cheminformatics – 2019

The topology of water models

Crystalline clusters in mW water: Stability, growth, and grain boundaries

Fabio Leoni and Rui Shi and Hajime Tanaka and John Russo

The Journal of Chemical Physics – 2019

Ice is born from five-fold crystals

Revealing key structural features hidden in liquids and glasses

Hajime Tanaka and Hua Tong and Rui Shi and John Russo

Nature Reviews Physics – 2019

All you wanted to know about local structure

Direct link between mechanical stability in gels and percolation of isostatic particles

Tsurusawa, H. and Leocmach, M. and Russo, J. and Tanaka, H.

Science Advances – 2019

A mechanical criterion for gel stability

Influence of Hydrodynamic Interactions on Colloidal Crystallization

Michio Tateno, Taiki Yanagishima, John Russo, and Hajime Tanaka

Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 258002

How to crystallize while swimming

Common microscopic structural origin for water’s thermodynamic and dynamic anomalies

Shi, R. and Russo, J. and Tanaka, H.

Journal of Chemical Physics – 2018

State-of-the-art two-state models.

Coupling of sedimentation and liquid structure: Influence on hard sphere nucleation

Wood, N. and Russo, J. and Turci, F. and Royall, C.P.

Journal of Chemical Physics -2018

Crystallization and five-fold structures

Crystal nucleation in sedimenting colloidal suspensions

Ketzetzi, S. and Russo, J. and Bonn, D.

Journal of Chemical Physics -2018

Nucleation barriers from experiments

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